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Ferrule Secured Eye Terminals

As a substitute for hand eye splicing the Talurit clamped splice has gained favour wherever wire ropes are used.
The process of making this mechanical splice is very simple; an aluminium alloy, steel or copper ferrule (1) of the correct size is passed over the end of the rope (2) and the end of the rope is re-inserted in the ferrule (3), forming an eye of the requisite size (4), or over a thimble (4a).

The ferrule is then placed in the swaged press and pressure is applied to cause the metal to flow around both parts of the rope, resulting in a very strong and neat attachment.

The Talurit ferrules are supplied either straight or conical as required. They prevent moisture from entering the joint, thus eliminating the risk of internal corrosion, no servings are required and there are no jagged ends of wires to snag or injure the hands. The Safe Working Load of the rope may easily be stamped into the ferrule.

We have full facilities to Talurit ropes from 1 mm diameter to up to 48mm diameter and will be happy to meet your requirements.

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