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Verope Special Wire Ropes

verope AG is a Joint Venture company between Pierre Verreet, head and founder of verope, and KISWIRE Ltd. from South Korea. The concept of verope is to provide affordable high quality special wire ropes for crane applications to the world market. They can offer newly developed products, which have been approved by leading crane manufacturers. verope is now able to provide even better quality & service, which is confirmed by their certification through LRQA.

The excellent quality of material, the special design and the structural stability of verope special wire ropes increase performance most effectively and lead up to long term high performance. Longer service life, superior durability, safety and efficiency are the distinguishing features, that make special wire ropes stand out clearly from the regular wire rope. Usually, these differences in quality between standard- and special wire ropes translate into significant price advantages. verope and KISWIRE maintain cutting-edge competitiveness in all fields of business, pricing policy included. Lean structure, continuing management innovations, excellent product development, streamlined research analysis, cost reduction, improved productivity and strict quality control. It is efficiency, that leads to the convincing price-performance ratio.