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Installation Instructions

General Installation Instructions

In time, all steel wire ropes will need to be replaced due to their limited service life, which is normally significantly shorter than the service life of the application. The installation process differs between the different applications on which the rope is installed.

However, regardless of the type of application, the following instructions should be followed:

Avoid counter-bending, pay attention to the direction of feed and return spooling.
Maximize distance between first incoming sheave and rope reel (>6 m)
Always install a swivel between the pull-in rope and the new rope.
If these points are followed, some damage to the rope and consequential damage can be avoided in advance.

Rope installation:

The rope installation must be carried out with the necessary care and work safety when installing a rope.

Before installing the rope, the rope construction and the direction of lay with the the winch drum and the rope system should be analyzed.

The condition and dimensions of the rope grooves in rums and rope sheaves must be checked to ensure that they comply with the specifications. If the new rope is used with an auxiliary rope of lower diameter, a non-rotating, rope design or a synthetic rope construction can be selected.

Will the new rope was pulled in with the old rope, the ends should be connected with a swivel. Twists from the old rope can occur during the pulling process and will eliminated by the swivel.

Before each rope change (preferably when ordering a new rope), all rope sheaves must be checked for suitable groove profiles, negative impressions and ease of movement. The groove geometry and the general condition of the rope drum must also be checked.

With the following hints we would like to draw your attention to some essential points for correct selection, operation and maintenance of wire ropes. In addition to technical literature on wire ropes, national and international standards, the verope® team will be happy to assist you with all questions concerning wire ropes.  Please contact us!

The following points refer to the information that complies with the indications in this article. Here you will find an overview of all important information.

No. 5:

Wire ropes must not be overloaded or subjected to shock loads.

No. 7:

The rope installation must be carried out or coordinated by at least one competent person. A competent person has sufficient knowledge and experience with rope installations and he knows risks and consequences when disregarding the correct procedure.

No. 10:

In the case of ropes installed by means of rope end fittings the maximum payload of these must be taken into account.

No. 6:

Under the influence of very high or very low temperatures, the rope behavior can change considerably. Please discuss this with our experts. See standard.

No. 9:

It can be dangerous when being in the presence of running ropes and their application. Therefore, a suitable distance should be maintained. If the safe distance is not kept, it may result in heavy injuries.

If you have any questions, ambiguities or problems, please contact verope® Technical Customer Service: [email protected]

Protect yourself and others!
Rope failure can cause serious material damage, injury or death!