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The wire rope lubricant has two major tasks: it should protect the rope from corrosion and it should minimize the friction between the rope elements themselves and between the rope and the sheave or the drum. A reduction of the friction reduces the actuating power and minimizes the wear of the rope, the sheaves and the drums.

We differentiate between wax-based lubricants and oil-based lubricants. While wax-based lubricants offer a better handling of the ropes, the oil-based lubricants advantage is a better closing of the lubrication film due to the gravitational force of the oil. The quality of the wire rope lubricant has a great impact on the fatigue resistance of a wire rope.

We sell from stock lubricant in 600ml cans and 25 litre drums. The lubricant in drum form can be used in conjunction with a high-performace stainless steel sprayer which is ideal for applying the lubricant more effectively when the rope is on the drum.

We can provide the Manufacturers Data Sheet and specificiation sheets on request.