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Safety Instructions

Please note that wrong selection and use of wire ropes can be dangerous! Protect yourself and others! Failure of wire rope or wire rope termination may cause serious injury or death!

  • Wire ropes must be properly transported, stored, set up and maintained. Please refer to the relevant literature on these topics.
  • Always inspect wire rope and wire rope termination for wear, damage or abuse before use! Never use wire rope or wire rope termination that is worn out, damaged or abused!
  • Wire ropes and wire rope terminations are regarded as expendable products. For safe and proper use, maintenance and inspection are required. Wire ropes and wire rope terminations have to be discarded when the results of inspection indicate that a further use would be unsafe. Please refer to applicable international or national standards in their relevant version (e.g. ISO 4309, EN 12385 and EN 13411), other general technical literature or regulations concerning inspection, examination and discard criteria for both wire ropes and wire rope terminations.
  • Never overload or shock load a wire rope.
  • Please note that very high or very low ambient temperatures may dramatically change the behavior of the wire rope as well as the wire rope termination. Please contact us if there is any doubt regarding the safe use in a certain environment.
  • Please note that any termination assembled by veropeĀ® must not be modified!
  • Our products are subject to modifications, this may change the specifications. Relevant is always our website.
  • The cross-section on our data sheet shows a typical rope diameter and can vary within the range.