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Wire Rope Assemblies and Fittings


We are an authorised Crosby distributor enabling us to be able to offer their full range of products such as open/closed spelter sockets, shackles, swivels, swaged ends, wire rope clips, Wedge sockets and many more fittings as required.



We can supply and fit the full range of Nemag rope sockets from stock. The Nemag Rope Pear Socket is cast from high-grade austenic manganese steel and generally lasts longer than the steel wire rope itself. Austenic manganese steel combines a great toughness and a high resistance to wear.


We can offer Ropeblock products such as hook blocks, crane blocks, sockets, lifting blocks, snatch blocks, overhaul balls, swivels and travelling blocks.

Each product in individually marked to allow traceability to its respective date of production and material certification.


We can supply and fit Demag rope sockets, shackles, wedge sockets, load handling attachments and a variety of lifting accessories.


As we are the official UK and Ireland agents for Verope we are able to offer Verolube.

  • Low viscous solvent based lubricant and preservative agent for any kind of wire ropes
  • Temperature range: – 35 / + 65 ˚C
  • Dewatering properties
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Good penetrating effect
  • Good protection against wear
  • Weather-proof
  • Prolongs cable life
  • Forms a none-dripping adhesive lubrication film


We can supply WIRELOCK® Resin kits for your own on site socketing requirements.

The following kit sizes are available:-

100cc, 250cc, 500cc, 1000cc, 2000cc and 3000cc


We can supply and fit solid thimbles to DIN 3091 , heart shaped thimbles to BS 463 and many other thimbles on request.


We can supply wire rope stockings galvanised or stainless steel to customer’s specification.