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We are able to provide you with the following services listed here:

  • Pre-Stretching and proof loading
  • On site fitting of special ends
  • Hand Splicing (Long and Short)
  • Socketing
  • Mechanical Splicing
  • Fuse and Tapered ends


For More Information

We are well equipped to handle your steel wire rope enquiry thanks to our new state of the art 1000m² Service Centre.


Our team can attach a variety of end sockets using Wireloc Resin, Zinc Alloy or White Metal.

Our 4m high socketing tower means we have the ability to fit ends from small to large diameter ropes.

Fuse and Tapered ends

Upon customers request we can supply rope ends with fuse and tapered thus prevent the wires at the end of the rope unwinding and snagging on sheaves and other on site equipment.

Mechanical Splicing

Our large range of mechanical pressing machines from 30 to 1000 tonnes result in us being able to offer soft eyes, solid and heart shaped thimbles to large range of rope diameters.

On Site Fitting

Our experienced fitting team can offer an on-site fitting service utilising as necessary our mobile 30 tonne winch.

A number of our team are Leibherr approved.

Pre-Stretching and Proof Loading

With our indoor stretching range we can offer:-

  • pre-stretching
  • proof loading
  • very accurate measurements of rope lengths under a nominal load.

Hand Splicing (Long or Short)

Our in house splicing team is highly experienced in performing manual long and short splicing to incorporate a variety of different end fittings to suit customer requirements.

End Stops for mobile cranes

Through Verope AG we are able to offer socketing end stops (VESS) based on the specifications of the crane manufacturers, a broad product portfolio for many kinds of reeving system.

Rope Lubrication Facility

We have a wire rope lubricating facility to either lubricate new ropes or re-lubricate your existing ropes.